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Flash Debit Card

PARAMA’S FLASH MEMBER CARD® debit card gives you convenient access to your account through a world-wide network of ATM’s and retail outlets.

As a PARAMA member you can make deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers and balance enquiries at over 3,300 EXCHANGE® Network ATMs across Canada without surcharges or fees.  The MEMBER CARD® also enables you to make purchases through Interac®Direct Payment from over 425,000 retailers across Canada. 

When traveling in the US, PARAMA members can make direct debit purchases through the Accel Point of Sale Network providing access to more than 3million merchant locations.  The MEMBER CARD® also provides for surcharge-free cash withdrawals from over 425,000 US ATM’s displaying the Accel logo (except where prohibited by law).  Your US$ transaction will be converted to Canadian dollars and debited to your PARAMA account, reducing the need to carry excess cash. Whether you prefer to shop at Bloomingdales or Wal-Mart, you'll be able to access your PARAMA account for payment.  

The PARAMA FLASH MEMBER CARD® also provides access to your funds through at any CIRRUS Network ATM (surcharge may apply), making this truly an international banking card!

We are pleased to offer our members enhanced security with our microchip-enabled MEMBER CARD® debit cards. The microchips are encrypted and provide significant enhanced protection against counterfeiting and fraud when used together with your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

You can now use the Interac Flash feature on your PARAMA FLASH MEMBER CARD® debit card to pay for purchases under $100 quickly and conveniently – you won't need to insert your card into the chip reader at the checkout or enter your PIN.  There is a daily maximum purchase limit of $100 when using the Flash feature.


If your FLASH MEMBER CARD® card has been lost or stolen please notify PARAMA at either location during business hours or outside business hours, call 1-888-277-1043 and your card will be blocked from any further use.